Vail Daily letter: Why consider Meadow Mountain for future development? |

Vail Daily letter: Why consider Meadow Mountain for future development?

Don’t develop Meadow Mountain

So by now everyone knows that the Minturn Town Council wants development on Meadow Mountain, oh sorry, Dowd Junction parcel.

Planning and Zoning meeting, July, 26, 2017, titled “Create zoning for Dowd Junction Parcel.” Here is what they have in mind: use by right; large format retail store more than 10,000 square feet, hotel, grocery stores, government offices.

Conditional uses: parking structure, fast food restaurant, long-term housing, retail less than 10,000 square feet, plus some other uses.

I didn’t see any mention of access to trails or recreational uses.

The zoning is working its way through Planning and Zoning and will be on council’s agenda very soon.

No public input was ever asked for by council.

This is in direct contrast to Minturn and Eagle County citizens’ wishes.

Just a short time ago, there was a mass uproar against any development of Meadow Mountain. In fact, 520 Minturn people signed a petition against developing Meadow Mountain. (The Denver Post March 3, 2016).

Citizens, you need to speak to Minturn council members Sidney Harrington, Matt Scherr and Terry Armistead and ask them why they want huge development on Meadow Mountain?

Why don’t they want to keep it for recreational use, so all of us can continue to use this land for recreation?

I say use county open space funding, which brings in about $4 million dollars every year from the 1.5 mill tax levy. Those 14 acres would sell for about 3.5 million. So just one year of that tax would save that jewel of a property, for our children’s, children’s future.

Meadow Mountain nails every criteria to qualify for those funds.

In my humble opinion of what has been going on, quietly, in executive sessions, Dean Adler, (Crave) will give Minturn the money to buy Meadow Mountain Parcel, for development.

Dean Adler then gets Minturn water for his first 100 homes on Battle Mountain. After that, the EPA superfund toxic site, Bolts Lake, is used to supply Minturn citizens and the rest of his project with water.

Minturn citizens will be drinking water from a superfund site in the not so distant future.

New headline! “Minturn citizens’ kids glow at night.”

Easy to spot children walking on highway at night. We have no sidewalks in south Minturn. Minturn council promised us sidewalks this year, but nope.

Stay tuned …

Frank Lorenti

Thanks for a stranger’s act of kindness

To the gentleman and his charming wife who bought our tickets for the movie “Dunkirk” on Saturday afternoon when we arrived with no cash: Thank you! Thank you!

I trust we will meet again so that I may return a truly unselfish act of kindness.

Jim and Connie Lippert

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