Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 1B |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 1B

As a strong supporter of recreation in the valley, I was disappointed to see a recent editorial in the Vail Daily that was not in favor of Ballot Issue 1B. The Vail Daily is a sponsor of Sole Power the Green Commuting Challenge; I assumed the Vail Daily was more in tune with the community and understood how important the new trail improvements would be to the hundreds of commuters and recreational bikers that live and visit the area.

To briefly summarize, only one aspect of the Ballot Issue approval of 1B would permit completion of the paved Eagle Valley Trail System (Vail Pass to Dotsero) in seven years instead of 40. The current mill levy would not be increased, only the open space 1.5 mill levy would be extended by 15 years. In my mind we have already had 40 years of status quo and we currently have a road bike trail that is only 67 percent complete while Summit, Garfield and Pitkin counties have improved their bike trails to world-class status.

When I moved to the valley 40 years ago, with the exception of the rec path through Dowd Junction, we were all riding pretty much the same bike path along Highway 6 as we are today. If you follow the Vail Daily’s voting recommendation, 40 years from now our kids will be riding along that same path. Vote “yes” on Ballot Issue 1B.

Tom Saalfeld

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