Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 1B |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 1B

Issue 1B on the ballot will continue Eagle County’s environmental stewardship while allowing the Eagle Valley Trail to be completed in about seven years instead of the 35-plus years it will take today. 1B allows a small portion of the open space revenue to be used for trails. 1B protects our critical wildlife habitat, wetlands, our rivers and watershed.

It is vital that we have a safe paved bike path from Vail Pass to Glenwood Springs. The expensive portions of the paved trail are left to be built and many of these incomplete trail segments are quite dangerous. Does anyone like to ride that narrow to non-existent shoulder on Highway 6? Thought not.

1B allows a small part, 20 percent, of the existing open space revenue to be used to complete the Eagle Valley Trail by issuing bonds. Thanks to TABOR the bonding ability of 1B causes the ballot language to be convoluted and a horrible read. Please do not be put off by this. The open space tax remains the same under 1B.

“Yes” on 1B will also allow 5 percent of the open space revenues to help improve the existing 700, plus or minus, miles of soft/dirt trails in Eagle County for every trail user. All of this environmental protection and recreation improvement occurs using the existing open space revenues with a new open space tax sunset in 2040 so the bonds can be issued.

It is a huge ballot this year.

Go way to the bottom of the ballot to keep Eagle County’s environment on top by voting “yes” on 1B.

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Rich Carroll


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