Vail Daily letter: You have a voice in your energy co-op |

Vail Daily letter: You have a voice in your energy co-op

From the earliest ranchers to today’s ski and snowboard bums, I feel that the mountains have always symbolized a rugged individualism, the thumbing of our noses at the conventional rat race, and a deep respect and connection with Mother Nature. That is in stark contrast to our current dependence on highly bureaucratic, highly centralized corporations that power our modern lives by exploiting Mother Nature.

With advances in modern technology, it is now possible to power our homes, vehicles, and industries with truly local, independent and clean power. It is possible to eliminate our local dependence on foreign and domestic energy cartels, polluting power companies and federal influence by charting a course toward a decentralized, democratic and independent power grid that literally gives power to the people. This is not a partisan issue; it is simply about freedom.

If you have an electric bill with Holy Cross Energy, then you have a voice as a member of the co-op. Be sure to RSVP to the annual members’ meeting on June 8 at Tell the board and executives that you would prefer that your money be invested in local, independent and clean power that provides local security for both future generations and us.

Patrick Tvarkunas

Holy Cross co-op member, Eagle

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