Vail Daily should change its name (letter) |

Vail Daily should change its name (letter)

There are many newspapers, journals and magazines that have names that rhyme with Vail: Globe and Mail, Daily Mail, Daily News, Daily Sentinel, etc.

With all of these well established and well known circulars, how could you miss the opportunity to elevate Vail’s pun game over the competition? “Globe and Vail,” “Daily Vail” and “Vaily News” are all triple-A, top-shelf word-play zingers, in addition to being the most tempting of low-hanging fruit. These names would bestow your publication with near-instant name recognition and prestige, as they would cause people to associate it with more well-established news sources.

I urge you to reconsider your publication’s name choice in the interest of entertainment, popularity and longevity. Without it, your popularity may have peaked.

I don’t doubt that a name change would provide an avalanche of support from the community and your readers, in addition to cheesy pun-lovers everywhere. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to enact change, so it’s time to seize the day: Carpe Ski-em!

Patrick Cassidy


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