Vail Health Board of Directors: Land trade collaboration improves health care services |

Vail Health Board of Directors: Land trade collaboration improves health care services

Since our nonprofit hospital was founded in 1965, our community has collaborated to ensure that current Eagle County residents and guests, along with future generations, have access to outstanding health care. Vail Associates first donated the land in the 1960s, allowing us the capacity to build a health care facility to meet the needs of our community and visitors.

Now, more than 50 years later, we would like to thank our friends again for another meaningful agreement which will allow Vail Health to begin the largest and most important building project in our history — the east wing of Vail Health Hospital.

Through the support and outstanding cooperation of Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz, Evergreen Lodge owner Peter Knobel and the town of Vail, a land trade will allow our local hospital to build a new main entrance off South Frontage Road and construct an onsite helipad building with direct access to a modern, Level III emergency department — scheduled for completion in 2020.

The helipad will significantly reduce our current 20 to 60 minute patient transfer process by eliminating the need for ambulance transport from the hospital to the helipad. Complex patients requiring transport include high-risk mothers and babies, cardiac and trauma patients, as well as stroke cases.

Reducing transfer time and the need for ambulance transport directly improves medical outcomes and saves lives. We are incredibly thankful for the community-first spirit exhibited by our friends as Vail Health strives to provide the most modern mountain health care in the world.

Vail Health Board of Directors

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