Vail Valley Charitable Fund: All Kids Dental brings healthy smiles to local kids |

Vail Valley Charitable Fund: All Kids Dental brings healthy smiles to local kids

Megan Rohman
Special to the Daily

A healthy smile is critical for all children’s medical and emotional health. Far too many children in our community have less than optimal oral health because of lack of access to proper dental care. All Kids Dental Pediatrics and Orthodontics and Eagle County Smiles have partnered together to help these great kids.

As a pediatric dental practice in the Vail Valley, we see many kids with extensive dental needs who don’t have the financial means to get the care they need. Underneath the Vail Valley Charitable Fund umbrella, Eagle County Smiles offers help to these kids and their families who don’t have any other dental coverage and do not qualify for state or government help.  All Kids Dental lowers their fees to help Eagle County Smiles stretch their resources as far as they can to help treat as many kids as possible.

Last year, All Kids Dental Pediatrics and Orthodontics received a referral for a 3-year-old girl in need of care. Our doctor did the exam and discovered that she had a lot of serious dental work that needed immediate attention. If she did not receive the treatment, more serious health issues like painful infections, abscesses and facial swelling would have occurred. These conditions usually lead to hospital or ER visits which can only complicate a family’s financial situation.   The pain can also affect a child’s health, growth and ability to focus in school.

Unfortunately, this family was in a difficult financial situation and could not afford the necessary treatment. In addition, the family also did not qualify for any state or federal assistance programs. 

This young girl’s parents were desperate to find a way for their daughter to receive this much-needed care. All Kids Dental approached Eagle County Smiles and presented the 3-year-old’s case to them. They gladly reached out to the family and arranged to help. 

This wonderful little girl, thanks to Eagle County Smiles resources and All Kids Dental’s reduced fees, was able to have all her treatment completed. She is now pain-free, acting out less, eating comfortably and is able to function and enjoy a nice healthy mouth — plus her family gets to enjoy her beautiful smile.

In 2019, over 20 kids were able to get much needed dental care thanks to this truly wonderful program created in partnership with All Kids Dental and Vail Valley Charitable Fund’s Eagle County Smiles Program. We are grateful to be a part of bringing healthy smiles to kids throughout the valley.

Dr. Megan Rohman is a pediatric dentist with All Kids Dental Pediatrics and Orthodontics. For more on Eagle County Smiles, a community collaborative program of the Vail Valley Charitable Fun, visit

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