Vote for a clean sweep for Avon Town Council (letter) |

Vote for a clean sweep for Avon Town Council (letter)

The current Avon Town Council has moved forward on several projects such as the purchase of the Skier Building, the painting of Beaver Creek Boulevard and the current traffic flow modifications to Beaver Creek Boulevard that did not necessarily have voter approval.

Avon citizens should sweep the Town Council clean in 2018 and vote for longtime valley residents and knowledgeable business people Tom Ruemmler, Adrienne Perer, Chico Thuon and Russell J. Andrade, who want to significantly reduce the 2 percent Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) and other taxes locals pay, have tourists contribute more toward infrastructure sized for peak tourist loads, obtain voter approval for large capital spending, lower the cost of living and housing for locals and make it Avon’s priority to help citizens and businesses navigate overly complex ordinances so they can accomplish what they want to get done.

They do not support the use of certificates of participation, which can be used to get around voter approval to finance capital projects. These candidates will make moderate, logical and sane decisions.

Sara Smith Hymes and Tamra Nottingham Underwood are in favor of moving the Hahnewald Barn, which could potentially cost millions of dollars of taxpayer money.

If you believe in private property rights, a fresh perspective, logical decisions and want you and your children to be able to afford living in Avon, vote the “ticket,” Tom Ruemmler, Adrienne Perer, Chico Theon and Russell J. Andrade, for a clean sweep in 2018.

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Judy Douglas


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