Vote for Dylan Roberts; let’s return this exceptional legislator to the Colorado House (letter) |

Vote for Dylan Roberts; let’s return this exceptional legislator to the Colorado House (letter)

Dylan Roberts is the incumbent Democratic candidate for House District 26, which includes Eagle and Routt counties. Roberts is working with county commissioners to find creative ways of developing affordable housing, working to lower health care costs, provide good jobs, protect our water resources, public lands and open space.

During the past legislative session, six of Roberts’ bills were signed into law: 1) a bill to allow Colorado Mountain College system access to more financial resources creating more quality and affordable higher education in the mountains; 2) a bill reauthorizing conservation easement, a bipartisan effort; 3) a bill to advance economic needs of rural towns; 4) a bill to ban selling of answers to exams and homework assignments by “educational companies”; 5) a bill to prevent improper financial burdens on divorcing families; and 6) a bill to allow non-THC cannabis oil to be administered by school personnel to children with epilepsy.

Other bills that were sponsored by Roberts, including lowering health insurance costs, protecting clean water and transparency in prescription drug pricing, were defeated on party-line voting in the Colorado Senate. He will continue working on these issues.

Dylan Roberts obviously works hard and knows how to work as a legislator to benefit his constituency in Eagle and Routt counties to keep them strong and vibrant communities.

Roberts’ Republican opponent, Nikki Mills, seems to have only vague ideas about her vision for the counties. Her primary campaign assertion of “being a Christian” is never spelled out in any description of what this would mean in legislative initiatives. Without elaboration by Ms. Mills, we are unable to understand her motivation for wanting to be a Colorado House legislator.

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One thing being a Christian means, according to the synoptic Gospels, is recognizing the separation of church and state. Ms. Mills should be able to elaborate how she envisions being a Christian would impact her legislative agenda and benefit Eagle and Routt counties. Becoming and being a Christian is a most serious endeavor. Becoming a Colorado House legislator is a serious responsibility.

Dylan Roberts understands the real concerns of our residents and communities. He is providing strong representation for all of his constituency. He supports his positions on legislation based on facts, logic, experience and real solutions. Mr. Roberts understands the economic drivers of our counties and will work to promote economic growth in our communities.

I am supporting the re-election of Dylan Roberts for State Representative of the 26th District. I hope you will join me in returning this exceptional legislator to the Colorado House.

Robert E. Rutledge

East Vail

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