Vote for Nicki Mills; she has always given back to her community because she cares (letter) |

Vote for Nicki Mills; she has always given back to her community because she cares (letter)

Voters in Eagle County are about to make an important decision about their representative to state government. I am the former husband and still best friend of Nicki Mills, who is running for state representative in Eagle and Routt counties. I know Nicki as well as anyone.

I was asked why I think Nicki is running for office; my response was, “It is in her DNA.”

Nicki and her family have been public servants for as long as anyone can remember. Besides being a great mom to our sons, Nicki has always given back to her community. She co-founded a Montessori school for our boys, frequently served as a volunteer and is active in her church. What many people don’t know is that when she received a call in the middle of the night to go help families being evacuated due to a wildfire, she jumped in her car and went to their aid. Nicki’s instincts are to serve others.

I heard her answer to why she is running for State Representative. She stated: “Because I care,” and that is her truth.

For nearly a decade, decisions in state government have been made by one party whose actions and outcomes show little real concern for the people that live here. Her opponent’s priories and votes are owned by that same party. During that time, housing became unaffordable, health care costs here have skyrocketed and educational outcomes have been unacceptable.

I attended a recent debate in Edwards, where Nicki’s Democratic appointed opponent referred to the lack of health insurance options and high costs as a real problem. The irony was thick. The Democrats destroyed and damaged health insurance markets. For example, if you don’t qualify for a “subsidy,” you might be paying three times what you should for health insurance in the individual market.

The Democrats that caused this situation now criticize it. Going faster in the wrong direction and further breaking a broken system are unacceptable solutions. Coloradans can’t get the health care they need without well-functioning health insurance markets.

It is time to move past the complaining and blame-shifting of those who created this situation. It is time to send someone to Denver who is not beholden to anyone other than those she represents. It is time we had a Representative who, instead of playing politics, will work to guarantee coverage, expand access and bring down costs.

Eagle and Routt counties deserve a state representative with new ideas and experience to make a difference. We can do better, and Nicki will. I wholeheartedly support Nicki Mills to be the next state representative for Eagle and Routt counties. You should, too.

Travis D. Mills


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