Vote for Nicki Mills to represent House District 26, Eagle and Routt counties (letter) |

Vote for Nicki Mills to represent House District 26, Eagle and Routt counties (letter)

I’m writing to support Nicki Mills for State Representative. She is a mom, a businesswoman and a community volunteer with significant life experience needed by an elected representative. She is an outdoorswoman and conservationist. Nicki is not a career politician. She is driven by her compassion for her friends and neighbors throughout Eagle and Routt counties.

Nicki is determined to make a difference. She will work tirelessly to reduce the cost of health care, find solutions for affordable housing and commit herself to improving educational outcomes. Health care cost in these counties is the highest in the United States. Only 40 percent of children meet educational expectations of educators. The lack of affordable housing is starving these communities of needed workers. Nicki will also defend existing taxpayer rights and the Second Amendment.

We deserve better than her opponent. Nicki’s opponent was appointed as State Representative soon after law school and is a career politician. Her opponent and his mentor were State Representatives while these problems worsened over the years. They both bragged about countless “bills” while things get worse. More taxes are something they seem happy to promote.

It’s nonsensical to elect or re-elect the people in office while these problems worsened. I would ask readers, “Whose side is her opponent on and should we not try someone new?”

Nicki has said that she is “tired of going to her friends’ going-away parties.” Aren’t we all? She will listen to residents and advocate creative solutions. She will make a difference in the lives of her friends and neighbors throughout these counties.

Voters deserve better. And Nicki will do better. Be sure and vote by mail before Tuesday, Nov. 6. I encourage you to vote for Nicki Mills for your state representative in Eagle and Routt counties.

Stephen Daniels


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