Vote for Tamra Nottingham Underwood for Avon Town Council (letter) |

Vote for Tamra Nottingham Underwood for Avon Town Council (letter)

I am the President of the Canyon Run Condominium Association in Avon. (Disclaimer: The views expressed in this letter are my individual views and do not represent an official position of the Association.)

I have known Tamra Nottingham Underwood, candidate for the Avon Town Council, for almost 20 years. During her previous service on the Council, I worked with her on several issues. I also appeared before the Council on several occasions. I always found her to be competent, diligent, hardworking and, importantly, a good listener.

She has lived in Avon her whole life. Being a Nottingham, she is well-versed in the history of the community. Being an attorney and a former Council member, she has the knowledge and experience to handle all the legal nuances and complex issues that come before the Council.

It is hard for me to believe there is any current candidate who is more qualified, more experienced and more invested in the town. I urge you to vote for her. It would be in the town’s best interest, as well as your own.

Tom Hix


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