Vote Mark Williams, a leader with real-world experience (letter) |

Vote Mark Williams, a leader with real-world experience (letter)

Mark Williams, seeking Jared Polis’ vacated congressional seat, is an independent, bold leader who embodies the progressive spirit of this district.

As a pro-peace, anti-war veteran, Mark will fight to end senseless wars and rein in the military industrial complex. In addition to his service in the U.S. Air Force, Mark was an intelligence officer for the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security and has the real-world experience and credentials to be a strong voice for peace. He will call out both Republicans and Democrats, who have supported endless war for decades.

Mark favors an outright ban on fracking and subsidies for the fossil fuel industry. If fracking bulldozers come to Boulder or Larimer counties, Mark has committed to “standing in direct action to prevent it … shoulder-to-shoulder, arms locked, to support my community and to prevent our neighborhoods from becoming industrial wastelands.” This is a bold leader, folks!

Mark Williams is not a bought-and-paid-for career politician. Mark is an independent leader who will not take orders from the Democratic leadership. The corrupt political system has poured over half a million in dirty money against Mark because they are afraid of someone willing to tell the truth and challenge their power. These dirty politicians think they can control the voters of the 2nd Congressional District with their financial war chests.

Let’s prove them wrong and send a loud message on Tuesday, June 26. Vote Mark Williams.

Ryan Reeves


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