Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 73 to add $11.6 million annually to Eagle County Schools (letter) |

Vote ‘yes’ on Amendment 73 to add $11.6 million annually to Eagle County Schools (letter)

I’m voting “yes” on Amendment 73, and here’s why: To me, it’s not OK that Colorado is ranked 50th for teacher wages in the country. It’s not OK with me that Colorado spends $2,187 less per student than the national average, ranking 39th in per-pupil spending. And it’s not OK with me that Colorado is one of two states that have the most novice teachers in the country. Our schools do not reflect the strong economy in Colorado, and Amendment 73 will change that. Our kids deserve better.

While this is a state amendment, our local schools benefit directly from Amendment 73. It will add $11.6 million annually to the Eagle County school district’s budget. Decision-making will be at the local school district level, with the locals we’ve elected deciding what’s best for our community. This amendment would add $1,700 per student — an absolute game changer. That increase will make a tremendous impact on our local schools. This is an income tax that affects only those earning $150,000 per year and does not affect LLCs, S Corps or small businesses.

While we’re now seeing the bond issues’ impact in our vastly improved schools, that bond was dedicated solely to bricks and mortar and cannot be used for teacher wages, full-day kindergarten and other improvements that the amendment will address.

I hope you’ll join me in voting “yes” for our kids’ futures.

Robin Litt


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