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Want a governor who will reach across the aisle? Vote Mike Johnston (letter)

Letter to the Editor

I encourage you to vote for Mike Johnston. Why? Setting aside his experience as a teacher and a principal, including his work with minority groups;

setting aside accolades received from Fortune and Time magazine for his role in education, even being asked to be an adviser to President Barack Obama on matters of education;

setting aside his experience gained as a Colorado state Senator, where he sponsored 120 bills, 100 of them with bipartisan support;

setting aside his two wins over the National Rifle Association, whom he is not afraid to challenge in order to make things a little safer for all of us;

setting all that aside, what I like most about Mike is that he works with all parties to mold a compromise. He can get things done in a bipartisan way. He works in the old ways of Washington, D.C., past, where Tip O’Neil (speaker of the House at that time) and Ronald Reagan, despite being from different parties, could work out agreements and work for the American people.

He makes friends with both sides of the political coin. He works in a bipartisan way. He’s not an ideologue and just wants what’s best for Colorado, his home state. If you don’t know him, Google him. You’ll like what he has to say. We need some fresh new faces in politics. Once you hear him speak, you, too, will want to vote for Mike Johnston for governor of Colorado!

Marshall Turley


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