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Was that comment about ‘peasants’ riding the bus intended to be funny? (letter)

This is in response to Richard Carnes’ letter in which he called people who ride the bus “peasants” (“All days should be like this,” Tuesday, Dec. 4).

Really? Was that intended to be funny? Witty? Sarcastic? Because in reality, it makes you look like is an entitled and insensitive jerk. While you were toying around with peoples’ reality and enjoying your free ticket to the Beers of Prey, those “peasants” were simply living their lives, and you decided it would be funny to mock them.

Isn’t there enough of this type of insensitive commentary in our society? Ever gotten to know the stories of those folks on the bus? Ever considered their reality? Guessing not, as you seem to think degrading them is acceptable. It’s infuriating as someone who works to support marginalized individuals to see yet another privileged member of this community find a way to put others down.

And what, public transportation is something to laugh at? Taking cars off the road, helping our environment and making this valley more accessible is a bad thing? Furthermore, people who choose to use this service are less than you? Unsophisticated? Poor? What was your intention here, Richard Carnes?

Maybe the next time you are freeloading off of someone else’s tickets, passes, whatever, you might ponder why you find the need to degrade others who did nothing to you. While your age may have given you some privileges, it’s unfortunate that developing a sense of empathy or sensitivity weren’t included. Funny thing about privileges: Some of us choose to use ours to build others up, while others choose to use theirs to put others down.

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Mike Santambrogio


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