Watch the Avon Town Council forum and make an informed decision (letter) |

Watch the Avon Town Council forum and make an informed decision (letter)

Watch the Avon Council forum

I hope that all voters in Avon take the time to view the Candidate Forum from Thursday, Oct. 4. If you have not seen it, please check it out at or check out the listing on Comcast Channel 5.

It was nice to see participation from all eight candidates for the four available seats this fall. The forum was respectful and gave every candidate the opportunity to answer questions and express their views regarding Avon issues. Former Avon Mayor Rich Carroll did a nice job moderating the forum.

As a 24-year resident of Avon, I have experienced many of these forums as an observer and as a candidate. I want to give big kudos to the five candidates who have put their hat in the ring without previously serving on the Avon Town Council. The dais is something that many confident people are challenged to conquer.

As a sitting member of the Avon Town Council, I have a unique view shared by just two others, Jennie Fancher and Jake Wolf. I came to the meeting with an open mind and the mission to determine whom I believe will provide the best representation for the citizens of Avon, the other four members that I will work with for the next two years planning and executing the vision for Avon that most residents embrace.

I paid close attention to the two candidates who I had only met that night. There were three candidates who I have met in the past but had little knowledge of their experiences and perspectives. I listened to all of the candidates, made notes and reviewed those notes this morning.

Russell Andrade has done his research, has hospitality-driven business experience that the Avon Town Council has lacked since the departure of Richard Carnes back in the late 1990s and appears to be an open an honest broker with an agenda to guide Avon forward for the next four years. I particularly liked his answers regarding attainable housing and the importance of engaging the Hispanic community of Avon into our decisions.

It was clear why incumbents Sarah Smith Hymes and Scott Prince have a leg up, as they are fully knowledgeable of the current town issues and have a record to fall back on. As a past councilor and current member of the Avon Historic Committee, Tamra Nottingham Underwood is well versed in current Avon issues. As a fourth-generation resident of Avon, she is a passionate and knowledgeable historian of the town.

Having worked on Avon Town Council with all of them, I know that I do not always agree with them; however, the discussions are always respectful, and as a group representing the Avon citizens, we make many very good decisions. I look forward to working with all three of them again for the next two years.

I encourage you to review the forum ( As you do, you will see that this group is not in lockstep; they have unique and independent voices and perspectives.

I fully support Russell, Tamra, Sarah and Scott and encourage Avon voters to do the same.

Amy Cramer Phillips


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