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We don’t have a housing issue in Eagle County; we have a transportation issue (letter)

I am glad to see that the Eagle County commissioners are addressing the transportation needs of the county and recognize that 20-minute intervals are better than 30-minute intervals for bus routes. Now I wonder why they don’t talk about the use of the convenient railroad track that runs up and down the valley.

We need a commissioner who has lived somewhere else and learned what goes on outside the valley. The train is a no-brainer, especially since it goes where all our commuters go: up and down the valley. It goes past schools and could easily go right to the airport. It’s more reliable than busses and can keep to a schedule that’s nondependent on road traffic or conditions. Buses aren’t free.

The obvious deficit is that it doesn’t go to Vail but it does go to Minturn, and it would be less expensive to build a gondola or tram from Minturn to the top of Vail Mountain than to run a train track up to Vail.

We have tremendous space available in Minturn above the tracks, in the Eagle-Vail business district and in Avon between downtown and Walmart to build dense, high-rise housing that would not need parking if we had adequate, reliable public transportation. Trains don’t rely on open, clear roads.

We should not need school buses that get used so little if our public transportation is adequate. Think of that school savings being used in a better way than buses and drivers. And if the public transportation isn’t safe enough for little kids to ride, that needs to be fixed, as that’s still cheaper than a whole fleet of yellow buses for four hours per day, 150 days per year.

If you agree, call you county commissioners.

Ron Sills


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