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We need Dylan Roberts’ hard work on important issues at the State Legislature (letter)

Dylan Roberts’ advocacy for us is results-driven, and it comes from a place of integrity.

For those two reasons, alone, Dylan Roberts has our vote to continue his service as our State Representative in District 26. However, because there are so many other reasons, we are urging other readers to vote for him, too.

We have come to know Dylan personally and professionally over the past few years and cannot imagine a person better suited to be our representative at the Denver Capitol. We are writing because we find the recent attacks against him on the issue of health care costs especially preposterous.

Dylan got involved in politics and government in the first place because of his little brother’s fatal struggle with Type 1 diabetes. Out of his family’s agony grew a sincere desire to help children and their families struggling with diseases generally and the associated costs. To impugn his reputation about why he gets meaningful results on this issue is not only wrongheaded; it represents a low, desperate attack. Dylan’s record backs up his obvious commitment to this issue. We expected this because we know his character, his story and his capacity for hard work. However, anyone paying attention would also know — his record speaks for itself.

Dylan took on the prescription drug industry with the very first bill he carried as a State Representative. He demanded changes from top to bottom and accountability about the massive price increases the industry habitually requests.

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Then Dylan wrote a bill to increase competition in the insurance market (its scarcity being the real reason for the massive price increases) and got bipartisan support for that. With lots of hard work, he got that bill passed out of the House. Despite bipartisan sponsorship and broad consensus, the Republican-led panel in the State Senate killed the bill on a party-line vote.

Yet, Dylan remains committed to finding solutions. He continued, undeterred, to write responsible legislation on health care issues. He should be re-elected this November to continue that task. These are not the times to exchange an effective steward for a partisan neophyte offering only vague promises and outrageous fabrications.

Dylan’s bill sponsorship, his voting record and his accountability to his constituents are awesome. He is energetic and operates with true transparency. Dylan held 16 town halls in a five-month period and freely gives out his cell and email — both are included on all his materials. Everything he has done since he has been in office shows that he is beholden only to the people of Eagle and Routt counties. We trust Rep. Dylan Roberts as an independent voice. His record confirms our trust.

Dylan is one of the fine things our community has produced. Send him back to the legislature in November, where he can continue his results-based, beneficial work on health care and other issues critical to sustaining our way of life. We need his hard work on important things like infrastructure, water, affordable housing and, of course, health care.


Michelle and Keith Sylvain


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