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What a mystery

What a mystery

She passed, turned abruptly to focus her cell phone and snapped a picture of my “Audit EVMD” sign. Racing away like an ostrich desperately looking for a hole she crossed up over the grass, through the trees and into the Warner Building parking lot.

“Stop, wait, come back!” I hollered but the mysterious paparazzi vanished. Strange behavior indeed. She certainly was not the type of person one would ever consider to chair a communications committee.

Where was it I had seen her before? Memorizing faces has never been my strong suit.

A thought of who she might be went through my head, but this gal was not wearing her trademark knit cap with the Colorado C in the front; I could not be certain.

Maybe she was in a real hurry or might be she ran because she was embarrassed over her behavior, I commented to my friend. But then the window of a car lined up at the red light opened.

It was her. Now she was not in a hurry and she was anything but embarrassed as she communicated very effectively screaming as loud as she could, “you are going to go to jail!”

Maybe/might be, if given enough power, then that is exactly where she would send this peaceful protester.

Aggie Chastain


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