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What has the Trump administration done to destroy our democracy? Plenty (letter)

We have just seen democracy working in the midterms, with the Democrats taking back the House of Representatives. Now there can be a check on this president, who has proven himself a liar, a sexist, a racist and a nationalist — by his own words.

As I stated in a previous letter, it is such a mystery to me how the evangelicals and other fundamentalist religions can still stand with him. If he is the example of Christianity, it makes me want to think about becoming an atheist.

Writing letters to the editor is what helps with my frustration at the politics in our country in 2018. I am an elderly female, and I have never seen anything like what’s going on in Washington, D.C., and our country. I, at one time, in another lifetime back in the ’50s, actually worked for the federal government in D.C. I’m shocked every day when the news comes on at what is happening in our nation’s capital and the United States of America.

Is it not time for some common sense and sanity? I feel some days that I’m living in some kind of a nightmare, which doesn’t resemble America at all. I think back to John F. Kennedy saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Are you folks on the side of Trump still thinking of only your pocketbooks? Or are you thinking of how the brown and black people seem to be winning and it scares you?

I now have hope, however, since many women and the Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives. Perhaps now we can have a check on this out-of-control president and maybe Democrats and Republicans can now work together.

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Please, America, start paying attention, for the sake of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I do believe we will get some honest answers to our many questions in the months ahead of what the Trump administration has done to destroy our democracy. We can only hope for better times.

Linda Carr


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