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What is the role of a state attorney general? It’s not to be trial counsel (letter)

The attorney general is the lawyer for the state of Colorado. The attorney general has executive responsibility for a large team of lawyers addressing Colorado’s Constitution and laws, including but not limited to antitrust, consumer protection, immigration and environmental law, as well as advising state agencies across the board.

The primary function of the attorney general is not as “super-prosecutor,” i.e. trial counsel. The attorney general has argued appeals. However, the attorney general’s governance is far broader than being a mega trial attorney. The chief deputy attorney general, appointed by the attorney general, oversees litigation for the state of Colorado and its citizens.

If Phil Weiser is elected attorney general, he will take a strong stand on the following issues:

• Protecting Coloradans from overreach by Washington;

• Protecting Colorado’s environment — our land, air and water;

• Work with Coloradans to decriminalize drug addiction and to treat the opioid crisis as a health issue;

• Work for better consumer protections and to prevent telecommunication fraud and scams;

• Work to protect women’s health and reproductive rights;

• Defend Colorado’s immigration policies and DACA dreamers; and

• Fight to eliminate outside influences in Colorado elections — including “dark money” and district gerrymandering.

Lily Appelman


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