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What makes a person do such a thing?

There are two lines of thought being expressed about the March 27 school shooting in Nashville. One focuses on the guns, and how to prevent their use in such events. The other is the shooter, and what makes a person do such a thing.

Jay Wissot represents the former approach. In a recent column, he said: “…the first question often asked is: What was the motive of the shooter? My response? I don’t care… . The basis for her insanity is for shrinks to ascertain and doesn’t interest me in the least.”

There is a political factor about this issue because the shooter was a female who identified as a male.  The LGBQTIA+ thing is a big deal these days, and those of a favorable persuasion appear concerned that focusing on this aspect will create negative attitudes.

The shooter left behind a manifesto, setting out her thoughts on what she was about to do. Police have promised that it will be released, after the FBI finishes its analysis. Disclosing the contents has been opposed by various elements on the left, claiming it will only stoke the fires of bigotry. So much for the search for truth, wherever it takes us.

Taking away “assault rifles” will not stop the carnage. An assailant with just a pistol could have duplicated what was done in Nashville.

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As related by CNN, the shooter had the following when she came to the school:  “…an AR-15 military-style rifle, a 9 mm Kel-Tec SUB2000 pistol caliber carbine, and a 9 mm Smith and Wesson M&P Shield EZ 2.0 handgun, according to Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake.”

From the videos shown on TV, it appears that what the shooter had in her hands was the Kel-Tec, 9mm pistol caliber weapon. Perhaps later reports will clarify which weapons were used. 

So — take away pistols too?

Those who want to commit mass mayhem would not be deterred. In some of the mass shootings, the perpetrators also had explosives, even if they were not used. At Columbine, Harris and Klebold resorted to firearms only after their bombs mostly failed to explode.

Remember the Boston Marathon bombers, who used pressure cooker bombs that did work. How did they learn to do that?

Someone with a malign heart will find a way to carry out their vengeance, even if no guns are available — drive a pickup into a crowd of people, poison guests at a restaurant or banquet, channel deadly fumes into a building’s ventilation system… and on and on.

Terry Quinn

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