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Why the need to write a letter that can only add to the grief of parents who lost a son? (letter)

This is my third attempt in writing this letter. The first two attempts were scrapped due to the emotions that surfaced when trying to respond to the recent letter written by Lance Carlson from McCall, Idaho (“What happened to individual responsibility?” Wednesday, April 25). The primary reason I faltered in my first two drafts was asking myself why this person needed to speak out concerning the untimely death of Taft Conlin, despite Mr. Carlson never citing him specifically by name.

By him questioning the individual’s responsibility, I question his personal responsibility of respect to those who lost a son too early in life, regardless of your need to blame. The inherent grief of parents losing a son never truly goes away, and they have the right to seek closure from their loss. Thus, why does Mr. Carlson have such a need to guilt and blame parents who have surely felt these over the past six years since losing their son?

The legal team of Vail Resorts will surely strive to add to this guilt and blame upcoming in June by arguing that an individual’s responsibility outweighs any responsibility their organization may have had.

Again, I question the motive of Mr. Carlson needing to assign blame to a young man who is no longer with us and the parents who must live with this loss. Is he aware of any specific details relevant to this incident besides his past experiences of being “a kid in Vail from 1975 to 2005” and his citation of a “rebellious choice” made by Taft Conlin back in 2012?

I feel deeply for the tremendous loss experienced by his parents, who do not need your opinion at this time, despite your need to express yourself. Yes, this is your freedom, but do you consider this to be living responsibly?


Bradford A. Austin

Beaver Creek

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