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Wissot: Replacement worriers need not worry

“You’re Fired” was the tagline used by one reality television star who went on to become president. The contestants on “The Apprentice” weren’t being fired from their real jobs, they were being fired from their script-written roles on a reality television program.

Frightened white men worried about being replaced by non-white people are no more likely to have that happen to them than the contestants on  “The Apprentice” were in jeopardy of being fired from their actual jobs. These men aren’t in danger of being replaced — they’re at risk of being surpassed, supplanted, or left for roadkill on America’s success-driven highways.

Both legal and illegal immigrants don’t want to replace these casualties to competition because they have higher ambitions. They want to become victorious somebodies, not vanquished nobodies. Successful men don’t refer to themselves as “Proud Boys.” Men of stunted stature who never advanced beyond boyhood, victims of the Peter Pan Syndrome, see themselves that way.

Increasing numbers of distraught white men live in a society today that they find offensive. It’s one in which gay couples hold hands in public, bright women rise to leadership positions, Jews and Asians are highly successful, Muslims overcome virulent prejudice, more Blacks and Hispanics go to college, and interracial couples date, get married, and have children together.

This is what America will be going forward, the America of 2050. Today’s generation of male failures desperately seeking redemption in some lost cause would have proudly donned the gray uniforms of the Confederacy during the Civil War. If there was a time machine that could transport them back to the antebellum South, they’d happily purchase tickets.

It wouldn’t bother the rest of us if these “lost boys” stewed in their juices and became morbidly miserable. But they turn their replacement fears into acts of violence, as evidenced by the killing of black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, Black supermarket shoppers in Buffalo, Jewish synagogue worshippers in Pittsburgh, and Hispanics strolling the aisles at a Walmart in El Paso.

Organized racial hate has been with us dating back to the founding of the Ku Klux Klan eight months after the Civil War ended. Neo-nazis, skinheads, and white nationalists have spewed their racist rhetoric for decades. In 2000, the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama, took a neo-Nazi Aryan Nations group in the Pacific Northwest to court and won a $6.3 million civil judgment which essentially bankrupted them into oblivion.

In 1984, Alan Berg, one of the most controversial and popular radio talk show hosts in the country, was gunned down in his Denver driveway by white supremacists. The white supremacists didn’t appreciate a smart-mouthed, opinionated Jew rebuking their racism. Berg worked for KOA, a 50,000-watt Denver station, that could be heard driving the backroads of Idaho where his Aryan nation murderers lived.

Alan Berg’s murder inspired the 1988 Oliver Stone movie “Talk Radio.” It’s far easier to radicalize the mentally unhinged today. Back then there weren’t numerous white supremacist websites offering a haven for disgruntled racist men to conveniently connect and communicate without leaving the comforts of home.

We also didn’t have a Fox News personality like Tucker Carlson promiscuously promoting disinformation. Carlson has mentioned the discredited “great replacement theory” 400 times on his nightly show.

Carlson, and other right-wing gaslighters, have significantly influenced nonviolent Republicans into accepting parts of the replacement ideology. USA Today reported in a recent poll of 1,500 Republicans that seven in 10 believed that demographic changes in the country were being driven by liberal politicians wanting to gain more political power by replacing conservative white voters with non-white voters.

This plays nicely into the false Republican Party narrative that Democrats are for “open borders” in order to increase their voter base. Caucasian Americans aren’t about to be replaced by non-white groups anytime soon.  When white people become a majority-minority as soon as 2044, they will remain the largest demographic population in the country.  Sharing political power with a growing Hispanic minority will be the biggest challenge for the new white majority minority. In case you haven’t noticed, that process has already begun, which is why inflammatory replacement hysteria is flooding the internet.

When Barack Obama became president, Black people didn’t replace white people. All his election signified was that a Black man had been chosen to lead the country for the first time. A white politician losing a nomination or election to a man or woman of color isn’t an example of racial replacement. Losing candidates don’t get replaced — they get outvoted.

If Ilhan Omar, the progressive Muslim woman currently representing her Minnesota district in Congress, is elected president in 2052, and takes the oath of office with a hijab covering her head and her hand on the Koran, it won’t mean that Muslims have replaced Christians.

It will simply indicate that a majority of voters chose a Muslim woman as their president in 2052.

Jay Wissot is a resident of Denver and Vail. Email him at jayhwissot@mac.com.

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