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Wissot: The emperor awaiting exile doesn’t care if Republicans lose Senate

The emperor awaiting exile stands buck naked while his entourage of flacks, hacks, toadies, suck-ups, yes men, boot lickers, ring kissers and serial sycophants go ga ga over his wardrobe and flair for fashion.

Donald Trump never joined the Republican Party. The Republican Party joined the Donald Trump Club. Trump doesn’t need the Republican Party now that he’s leaving office, but Republicans sure as heck still need him.

He is their lifeline to the 74 million plus people who voted for him in November. He has the power with the touch of a tweet to determine the primary fate of Republican candidates running for Congress.

This is why I think Trump doesn’t care if the Republicans hold onto their majority in the Senate come this Tuesday in Georgia. In fact, it is plausible to think that he hopes they lose. A Democrat-controlled Congress makes Trump a more valuable campaign asset in the 2022 midterm elections. It also sets him up nicely as the best shot the party has to regain the presidency in 2024.

He already has the replacement slogan for “Make America Great Again“ ready to trot out at the appropriate time. If MAGA was rooted in nostalgia, the 2024 message will be one filled with righteous anger. Something along the lines of “We Wuz Robbed” would work.

Trump’s rise to power in the lead-up to the 2016 election was fueled by his false allegation that Obama was born in Kenya, the notorious “birther” conspiracy theory. His return to power could fittingly rely on the specious claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him. A new conspiracy theory for a new election. Perfect.

It is possible that Trump will be even more dangerous out of office as the master puppeteer pulling the strings of his Republican puppets. Expect him to declare Joe Biden’s presidency a disaster the day he is inaugurated and use it to bolster his argument that the country needs to elect him in 2024 in order to make America great a second time. If it turns out that Democrats wind up controlling Congress as well, it will be all the better for Trump. The more his base detests having the country run by Democrats, the greater their desire will be to see their beloved leader back in the saddle again.

Of no less significance is the fact that Trump is reaping in beaucoup bucks from his efforts to ostensibly fight his “fraudulent” election defeat in the courts. Once Biden is inaugurated, the focus of Trump’s sales pitch can shift to raising money for his 2024 campaign.

You have to go back to televangelists, Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker in the 1980s, to find con men as good as Trump.They fleeced their flock by snookering rural white folks into forking over money in the name of Jesus. Substitute Trump for Christ and the scam is the same.

As for the Senate run-offs in Georgia, Trump made it clear on his one campaign stop to the state that repeating his baseless stolen election claim was more important than returning the two Republican candidates, David Perdue and Kelly Lynn Loeffler, to the Senate. If you really cared about Republican control of the Senate, why would you discourage voter turnout on Tuesday by telling your base that this election like the last one in November is rigged?

The weaker and more battered the Republican Party is heading into 2024, the stronger the case Trump can make for electing him president a second time.

Perdue and Loeffler are expendable subjects. In the kingdom of Trump, only the emperor matters.

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