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Wissot: Trump loyalists hate liberals which is why they love him

It is very difficult for someone who is hated to understand why. My liberal friends have trouble understanding why Trump’s base remains steadfastly loyal to him. Can’t they see, I hear them complain, that he is a sexual predator, a pathological liar, an incompetent boob, an obnoxious braggart, a cruel, mean, sadistic, human being?

My spontaneous reply is, of course, they can. They’re not stupid. They know he is nuttier than a fruitcake and phonier than a three dollar bill. They give him a pass on his deranged behavior because he forcefully attacked the liberal elites in politics, the media and academia who favored the secular over the sacred, the global over the local, the urban over the rural, the educated over the uneducated, and minorities over the declining white majority.

Strutting down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president in June of 2015 came Donald Trump. Exhibiting the swagger of Sly Stallone, the bravado of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the daring of Bruce Willis, Trump was the living embodiment of a wannabe action movie hero. His was a campaign which captured the nostalgic longings of a large swathe of men for an earlier America where being a traditional white, straight, working class male meant something.

I saw the 2016 election as an adult version of a high school campaign for student council president. The class valedictorian, Hillary Clinton, was running against the class clown, Donald Trump. What began as a farce, a comical joke, took on a very serious tone when the class clown was able to galvanize support from the school’s riff-raff, the kids who were treated as socially inferior by their cool classmates. When Trump won, it represented the triumph of resentment over entitlement. The fact that the popular dudes and dudettes saw the defeat of the valedictorian as a terrible tragedy only added to the enjoyment felt by the winners.

The more liberals trash Trump, the greater his popularity grows with his base. Rather than weakening his support, it has the opposite effect. Seeking a rational reason for why they stand by him is fruitless. Hatred isn’t rational. In Trump they trust. Trumpicans are proud citizens of the United States of Trump. Liberals are the enemy opposed to what they believe is good for them and the country.

I think my liberal friends would be smart to stop analyzing the motivations behind the rock-solid support Trump continues to enjoy. Just accept the fact that his fervent followers’ unwavering allegiance to him is rooted in their deep hatred for them. To quote the advice Mick Mulvaney, the president’s former chief of staff, gave to a reporter in a different context, “Get over it.”

The 2020 election is almost upon us. The focus for Democrats needs to be on galvanizing the resistance to his presidency that had been building for almost four years and has now metastasized into full-blown outrage over his mishandling of the pandemic.

Trump’s victory in 2016 was as much a result of the lukewarm support Hillary Clinton received from the Democratic base as it was the greater support he received from white working class voters in the Rust Belt. Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were lost by less than 80,000 votes. Much of the reason for that can be attributed to lower than expected African-American voter turnout in Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia.

Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris to serve as his VP nominee should go a long way towards making sure those states aren’t lost again because of low African-American voter turnout.

Trumpicans will howl that the Dems are playing identity politics and they’d be right. The Dems are just doing what both parties have done since the first presidential election in 1789. White identity politics is as much a part of Americana as fireworks on the Fourth of July. Forty-four of our 45 presidents have been white.

The consensus among historians for the three worst presidents of all time (at least until Trump came along) are: James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Franklin Pierce.

Do you think those three colossal political disasters were chosen on the basis of merit and talent or gender and skin pigmentation?

Playing identity politics with a woman of color on a presidential ticket will be a refreshing departure from the tradition of white patriarchal political practices.

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