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‘Yes’ on 1A: Extend Eagle County open space for generations to come (letter)

I love living in Eagle County for our mountain lifestyle. We are blessed to be surrounded by public land and beautiful landscapes to admire and enjoy. After work and on the weekends, I enjoy mountain biking on the West Avon Preserve or floating down the Colorado River from Horse Creek River Access to Dotsero Landing.

All these places are made possible by Eagle County Open Space. In addition to enjoying the recreational opportunities provided by open space, I believe it is our responsibility as a community to protect habitat for the wildlife that are facing countless pressures as our expanding human population continues to encroach upon their land. Hardscrabble Ranch and Homestead Open Space both serve as critical habitat for elk and deer.

Although I have lived in Eagle County for 10 years, I moved to Eagle three years ago. Living in Eagle, I really appreciate the agricultural heritage of our county. With projects like Hardscrabble Ranch, Eagle County is preserving that heritage.

Eagle County Open Space leverages tax dollars with funding from other sources, including grants and federal programs, as well as private donations, to purchase conservation easements or land outright to protect wildlife and preserve our natural wonders for generations to come.

Voting “yes” on Issue 1A this Election Day will continue the Eagle County Open Space program for years to come, ensuring that we work as a community to:

• Protect our recreation economy

• Preserve our natural environment and river corridors, and

• Protect Eagle County’s diverse wildlife,

All without raising taxes.

Eagle County Open Space: It’s why we live here!

Jessica Foulis


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