You can’t vote away the problem of sexual assault (letter) |

You can’t vote away the problem of sexual assault (letter)

Vail Daily: I had a similar feeling to Bobbi Bryson’s letter (“Injecting politics into the conversation,” Monday, Oct. 8) in response to Ms. Squyres column as she drew a conclusion that politics are the only way possible to attempt to reduce the sexual aggressions and attacks currently becoming so prevalent and to the fore (“Political climate can be triggering; protect yourself,” Jill Squyres, Ph.D., Wednesday, Oct. 3) Not how to deal with them, as she well stated, but solve the problem.

I thought her writing was quite well thought out and reflected her thinking and learning as a Ph.D. in psychology. The examples were quite riveting, and her suggestions for ways to alleviate some of the stress and deep personal feelings (even if for short periods of time) appeared to be quite logical and probably extremely helpful. I am sure many have benefitted from them.

I was, however, perplexed how she could totally negate all her wonderful writing with one last sentence to her opinion. Cleary, she decided to inject the political into her analysis. Because of the recent diatribes by members of the Senate, she clearly indicated her political leaning on the horrible matter of sexual assaults.

The following quote by Ms. Squyers clearly states her real reason for the column: “And if you only do one thing, remember that your vote counts, so get out and cast your ballot on Election Day.”

This is precisely the verbiage used by Mr. (Chuck) Schumer. I shall definitely get out and vote, and whichever lever I pull, I am sure and hopeful the person I choose will have the same empathy as every other candidate for this horrible problem, but may just approach the reasoning a bit differently.

Ms. Squyres, I am sure you took numerous courses and wrote countless papers during your undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. studies in psychology that dealt with the horrible effects of sexual battery. During those hours spent, how many of the courses professed that the solution to the terrible problem was political action?

Unfortunately, your very succinct and helpful writing was sadly negated by your injection of politics.


Robert J. Graff

Highland Beach, Florida

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