Ask a Broker: When’s the best time to list a home? |

Ask a Broker: When’s the best time to list a home?

Didi Doolittle and Andy Owen
On Real Estate

Client: We’re interested in moving, but don’t know when to list our home.

Broker: Deciding when to bring your home to market is one of the most important decisions your broker can help you make, particularly in a market like ours where inventory is limited, and seasonal changes can weigh heavily on buyer traffic. This spring, the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders have certainly slowed real estate activity in our valley, but many have used the time wisely as an opportunity to prepare their homes for sale. We are seeing new listings come to market and sell even during this crazy time. 

Traditionally, for homes within resort communities, timing a new listing may be more focused around high tourist seasons in order to capture the widest audience, whereas those in communities further from resorts may want to consider more local schedules like school and mountain closings, which free up weekends and gets buyers thinking about purchasing. This timing has obviously changed a bit with the COVID-19 regulations changing rapidly for schools, real estate, local businesses, residents and tourists. 

With the unknown timing of the upcoming “resort tourist season” and many locals continuing to work and do schooling from home, the timing of when to list your home during these unprecedented times may seem daunting. With buyers now utilizing virtual showings along with the photos and video of properties, the online presence of your listing will be particularly important, as well as your broker helping to navigate showings in a way you are comfortable with, and that follows the direction from government and health authorities.

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful decisions and times in your life — deciding when to list, how much to list for, how to prepare the listing, how to market the listing, how to negotiate in this market, how to maximize your sale potential — all of these can cause stress, take time, and can significantly impact your bottom line at the closing table, so it’s natural to want to do them correctly. We’d highly recommend interviewing a few brokers to find the right fit so that you feel comfortable and confident that your goals will be met.

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