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Putting your Colorado garden to bed for the winter

Winter can arrive any minute, so take advantage of these October days

Betty Cahill
The Denver Post
Once chives are cut almost to the ground, it can be cut (snipped) into smaller bits and frozen in baggies. Just use what you need through the winter.
Betty Cahill/Special to The Denver Post

Autumn weather so far is resembling summer, other than the brief cold snap last month.

Along with recent 80-degree days, there are dangerous fires still burning in parts of the state. The city of Fort Collins is on water restrictions because of drought, the Cameron Peak fire and the maintenance project on the Horsetooth Reservoir.

Next week, temperatures should cool to the 60s with little to no moisture relief in sight.

Will sweater and parka weather arrive soon? Your guess is as good as mine. It is Colorado, after all, and winter can arrive any minute, impolitely skipping a gradual cool-wet fall season that gardeners and landscape plants prefer.

Let’s all make the best of it: Get some exercise outside on these beautiful October days and put the landscape to bed properly.

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