Traer Creek Plaza updates roof, leads green efforts as a LEED-certified design |

Traer Creek Plaza updates roof, leads green efforts as a LEED-certified design

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AVON — Traer Creek Plaza completed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification in 2010 and was the first such building with this distinction in Eagle County. With a newly revamped roof, the development continues to drive sustainability and green design in the Vail Valley.

"Achieving LEED certification on projects is a Traer Creek priority," said Marcus Lindholm, manager of Traer Creek LLC. "Traer Creek Plaza serves as an example of our commitment to sustainability in Avon and the Vail Valley. Our hope is that more projects see the benefits in going green so that future generations can enjoy the valley our community loves so much."

LEED is the preferred method for third-party verification of environmentally friendly buildings, communities and construction projects. LEED-certified projects utilize resources such as water and energy more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. During construction, building materials must be sourced in a way that reduces carbon footprint.

Traer Creek Plaza's eco-roof, which was revamped this summer, is covered with a living material called sedum, a hardy succulent native to the mountains. By using a vegetated roof, Traer Creek Plaza avoids a rubber-based membrane that would heat water runoff, negatively impacting the temperature of streams and rivers. The sedum also captures storm water for its own use. The eco-roof plays a major role in insulating the building and assists with converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Other Highlights

Other plaza highlights include the extensive use of glass, which maximizes natural light. This improves every user's circadian rhythm, helping employees stay on a normal 24-hour cycle and improving sleep patterns. Circadian rhythms can influence sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, body temperature and other important bodily functions. The light also helps reduce energy consumption by design.

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Another highlight is "green" carpeting, which is offered free to office tenants and is made from biodegradable corn products, as opposed to regular carpeting, which emits harmful gases during the degradation process due to its petroleum-based components.

Onsite showers allow employees to run, walk or bike to work, reducing their personal carbon footprint and helping contribute to their own personal well-being. In addition, Revolution Power Yoga offers a free wellness class each week to plaza tenants.

"We believe designing a building with the tenants in mind is a great way to attract and retain the best talent in the valley," Lindholm said. "The abundant natural light, fresh air and breath-taking views of the mountains from inside Traer Creek Plaza all play a factor in keeping employees satisfied."

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