All aboard on the Death Train |

All aboard on the Death Train

John Spriggs
Daily File Photo John Spriggs

VAIL – Today was more of a training day, one that was less stressful than the day before. I got to sleep in a little bit and have a big breakfast. It consisted of Eggo waffles, not raw eggs and milk like the day before. After a big breakfast, I was re-energized for the big training day ahead of me. I got to the hill around 9:45 in the morning. The sun was out and it was already getting warm.

I found my friend Jr. Martinez and talked to him about his run. He was going later that day in Heat 4. Jr.’s been skiing well, so I was pumped to see his runs. Once the third heat was finished, I decided to sneak on to the course and get some extra training in on the jumps. I was working on my semifinal run, but I can’t tell you what it is or I would have to kill you. It is top secret. If word gets out, then I will be ruined forever. Anyway, training worked out well, and I got to do some filming on the course. I decided to take a break and watch Heat 4. While waiting for the heat to start, I decided to crush my friend Dan Marion in a snowboard game on the X Box in the VIP tent. After I got the high score, I rubbed it in Dan’s face and laughed at him until he started to cry. I started to feel bad, however, when I saw the tears in his eyes, so I let him win a few and then left to watch Jr. Both of his runs where dope, aside from when he washed out on the landing of the last jump. He didn’t let it get to him. After I watched the fourth heat, I decided to do a few more training runs with some other athletes.

The pipe was prime, but after a while it started to get a little sketch as it filled with slush in the flat bottom. Once the pipe started to get bad, I decided to do a death train on the jumps with my friend Taylor Felton and some Aspen riders. A death train is when a group of skiers goes in rapid succession down the course together.This turned out to be a bad decision, since the first person in the train crashed and then got ran over by the all the skiers following him. It was quite a gruesome sight. I will spare the details.After the accident, my friends and I decided to check out the last-chance qualifier.The heat was ridiculous. Each run was amazing.

In the end, two of my buddies – Jon Laffertitty and Corey V-Lar – made it into the semifinal heats. As the day wrapped up, I was left to think, “How insane will the semifinals and finals be?”The answer came to me easily. Pretty damn crazy, for sure.John Spriggs skis for K2, Jiberish Lounge Wear, Oakley, Buzz’s boards and Vail.Vail Colorado

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