Anyone want Golden? |

Anyone want Golden?

OK, did we have a fun spring season?

If the last six weeks didn’t convince everyone of the need for turf fields in the High Country for high school sports, you need to seek help.

Yes, it was girls soccer Thursday night in Glenwood, so it had to be spring, but it really felt like football weather.

From the notebook:

– Talking with Kelly VanHee after Huskies soccer finished the regular season 15-0, I got the feeling that she wouldn’t mind if Battle Mountain were to be ranked No. 32 when the seedings come out Sunday. As long as Golden is ranked No. 1.

– As an FYI, the Demons won the Jeffco and went 12-2-1, so the 1-32 scenario isn’t likely.

– My bet is No. 8 for Battle Mountain, meaning home games for the first two rounds. Essentially, CHSAA will say, “We can’t leave you out of the top eight with a 15-0 record, but you’re going to get the No. 1 seed, if you get there, in the quarterfinals.”

– And yes, CHSAA and others are saying “if you get there.” This is the year the Huskies have to play to seed or better. Since the ladies seem to be able to live with the pressure of history ” 15-0 ” they can handle this concept. If the Huskies don’t play to seed, or preferably better, Battle Mountain girls soccer will not get a good seed for the foreseeable future.

– The most impressive part of 15-0 was not sweeping Steamboat Springs or winning at Glenwood Springs. It’s not dropping points against the likes of Rifle, Palisade or Delta. Huskies coach David Cope has been on a kick about his team “putting in a honest shift every day.” It’s corny, but it’s true. With good teams the hardest competition is not the opposition, but playing to your standards.

– People’s exhibits A and B: Huskies volleyball in 2006 and Battle Mountain boys cross country last fall.

– Happy coach, part I ” Cope has a pretty steady personality. One will never confuse him with Bobby Knight. But he was psyched ” by his standards ” Thursday in Glenwood. It was almost like if Manchester United made the Champions League final.

– Happy coach, part II ” Vail Mountain’s Bob Bandoni maintains the aloof-professor persona most of the time, but he was just like any soccer dad after Saturday’s 5-4 win at Basalt. It’s not easy to coach your daughter, If anything Mia Bandoni probably has to play to a higher standard to avoid the perceptions of favoritism. That having been said, Dad was just stoked, if we can ever apply that word to the Bandon, after Mia had the equalizer Saturday.

– OK, Eagle Valley baseball, it’s time to show that people, in fact, know how to play baseball on the Western Slope. The top-seeded team from the Slope is Palisade at No. 16 and the Devils are No. 25. Yeah, it snows a lot up here, but …

Ken Reagan’s crew a seasoned team. Conifer, today’s first-round opponent, is not going to see a bunch of country bumpkins get off the bus. The Devils can hit up and down the lineup. More importantly, Eagle Valley has pitching depth with Dan McKiernan, Hunter Blevins, Paul Suther and Jack Barbella.

– By the way, it’s not like Confer is a bunch of grizzled vets. It’s the Lobos’ first postseason appearance. They’re going to be nervous. Devils pitchers, throw strikes. Devils hitters, take the mistakes they give you ” and they will. This is not exactly “Mission Impossible” for Eagle Valley baseball.

– Well done to both Vail Mountain and Vail Christian soccer. For VMS, toppling Basalt is fantastic and wins you fans throughout the league. For the Saints, a tremendous start under coach Barbara Wilson. With the girls 3A tournament expanding to 32 teams next year, both could be in the hunt for a state berth.

– For Eagle Valley soccer, the key is to keep going. While sometimes it may not look like it on the field, coach Francois Nanin is in the process of instilling the correct way of playing soccer. I hope he can provide some stability to a program which desperately and needs it and deserves it.

– I’ve herd a lot of “good game” exchanges after the about 500 soccer games I’ve attended this spring. My favorite was Huskies assistant coach Chuck Bunting saying to Tania Silva, “You’re one tough lady, No. 2.”

– And if Eagle Valley’s No. 9 is reading this, you’re pretty good, too.

– Track and field regionals are coming up next weekend. It’s time to rent some big buses.

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