Are you the strongest biker in the Vail Valley? |

Are you the strongest biker in the Vail Valley?

VAIL ” Are you the strongest cyclist in the Vail Valley?

Take part in Dogma Athletica’s Strongest Cyclist in the Valley Competition. Each evening tonight through Friday, Dogma Athletica will be running a Highest Watts per Kilogram Competition in its compu-trainer cycling studio.

Each evening during the contest week, a Dogma Athletica cycling coach will be running a 30-minute time trial course and taking down the data for each contest. The coach will lead the contestants through a proper warm-up, and the time-trial course will be the same each evening.

The coach will track your average wattage for the 30-minute time trial and then formulate the watts per kilogram that you generate during the course.

Prizes will be awarded including dynamic bike fits, nutritional products, compu-trainer punch cards and the two grand prizes for men’s and women’s open winners are a full six-month memberships to Dogma Athletica.

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Sign-us are required. Contact Dogma at (970) 688.4433 for more information.

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