Asoian wins dual slalom over Snyder in VTRS |

Asoian wins dual slalom over Snyder in VTRS

Nate Peterson
VTRS Slott, Marty BH 2-18

Somewhere, the skiing gods are laughing.

As usual, in the weekly saga that is the Vail Town Race Series, the two Snowell teams and the Mill Creek Sports team played, “Anything you can do, I can do better” – with the three squads combining for nine of the top 10 racers in Wednesday’s dual slalom.

Despite the dominance displayed by the series’ perpetual podium hogs, though, no one could do better than Nate Asoian of the Corral Creek Crew who dusted off all comers with a scorching time of 29.57 seconds.

Asoian, the former Ski Club Vail and Battle Mountain star, was the only skier to break the 30-second barrier, topping Mill Creek’s Brett Snyder (second-place, 30.01) and’s Jon Meckem (third-place, 30.33).

“I actually raced against Nate in the second run,” Snyder said. “But I went out, so it wasn’t much of a competition. I’m pretty pleased with the result, but (David) Viele wasn’t here also, and I’m sure that Viele would have beat me.”

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Yes, Viele, the current points leader and winner of four races in the Town Race Series this season didn’t run in Wednesday’s slalom – but it still doesn’t take away from Asoian’s lightning quick run on what was a slick track.

“It was super fast today,” said Snyder. “Faster than I could handle, almost.”

While Snyder was hoping to finish No. 1 for the first time all year, with his teammate Viele being gone, he was still stoked about smoking Snowell’s Eric Archer, who had his worst finish of the season in ninth-place.

“I finished the first run fast, and I was really psyched because I kicked (Eric) Archer’s ass by a lot,” Snyder said at Wednesday’s postrace party at Tanga’s. “It wasn’t like I kind of kicked his butt – I really kicked his butt. He barely cracked the top-ten. The funny thing is that I think he thought that he had a good run.”

Archer wasn’t reached for comment.

Other finishers

In the women’s classes, Janel Ippolito of the Black Forest team won the A Class with a time of 33.93 and Abigail Reader of the Pazzo’s team won the Restaurant Class with a time at 47.21.

Asoian took the Men’s B Class over Marty Slott of the Derby Mesa Racers, while Snyder won the Open Class over Snowell’s Meckem and Christian Questad.

Paul Smith of Team MacDermid won the A Class with a time of 32.52 and Martin Cupka of The George team won the Restaurant Class at 34.37.

Again, just like the sun rising in the east or the leaves turning in the fall, Anton Pogue of the Snowell team won the Snowboard Class for the seventh week in a row.

The Vail Town Race Series caps off next week with a GS on Golden Peak at 10 a.m.

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