Bad officiating continues, this time in Steelers’ favor |

Bad officiating continues, this time in Steelers’ favor

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The hand that nearly ended the Pittsburgh Steelers season two weeks ago helped them secure a Super Bowl on Sunday.While the Steelers played a great game, they also benefited from several questionable calls at key moments of the game, unlike against the Indianapolis Colts when a bad call nearly cost the Steelers the game.Darrell Jackson’s push off on Pittsburgh’s Chris Hope could have gone either way. Jackson shouldn’t have pushed Hope, but there were many other instances of receivers and defensive backs clutching and grabbing all game, none of which merited a flag.Then there was the phantom holding call on Seattle’s right guard Chris Gray. That was more of a push than Jackson’s penalty.And then there was Roethlisberger’s goal-line dive that may have been an inch short. Not that it was the wrong call, but I felt it could have gone either way.How does Hasslebeck get a chop block penalty for making a tackle? I don’t get it.

The playoffs were marred by flawed officiating, but I do believe the best team did win.Don’t make me cryThe Rolling Stones did not put on a great show. I can’t say I would have paid any money to listen to that performance. Maybe it was bad audio, or the network’s decision to censor some of my favorite lyrics, but I was more entertained by the commercials.I don’t know what is, but I gave a good laugh when the old guy fed himself some oxygen.Haven’t we gone far enough with razors? Why does Gillette need a fusion razor? Can’t their engineers do something useful like turn hydrogen into a useable form of fuel? It’s a razor, not a rocket ship.

MaddeningSay what you will about recent Hall-of-Fame inductee John Madden, but he’s hours of excitement.”What do you think they were looking at that they made him take his pants off?” Madden said to Al Michaels as the camera showed a Seahawks lineman shrouded in towels on the sideline.I think he overdosed on his famous Turducken.Contrast that with Michael’s comment on how there seemed to be a ton of Steelers fans at Ford Field.”(The stadium) is about as neutral as Lake Placid when the Americans played the Soviets (in hockey).”You know the announcers had too much to talk about when they commented that the one official in the game had also officiated a high school game 30 years ago in which Holmgren was an assistant coach.

Can we get these guys to do some spying for the CIA?Oh, I’m glad Bill Cowher’s chin finally won a Super Bowl.And I heard something this week about Jerome Bettis being from Detroit. That didn’t get played out at all.Sports Writer Ian Cropp can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14631, or, Colorado

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