Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley football to play Nov. 20 |

Battle Mountain, Eagle Valley football to play Nov. 20

Week 7 it is

There will be a rivalry football game this year. Eagle Valley plays at Battle Mountain on Nov. 20.
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It’s official.

We’ve got an Eagle Valley-Battle Mountain or a Battle Mountain-Eagle Valley or an Eagle Mountain-Battle Valley football game — whatever one wants to call it, depending on partisanship.

Battle Mountain athletic director Gentry Nixon and her counterpart at Eagle Valley, Tom LaFramboise, confirmed it on Thursday. Eagle Valley is at Battle Mountain on Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. during Week 7.

This is part of CHSAA’s “6+1” scheduling plan for football during the coronavirus. The organization made out six-game slates — usually the schools make their nonconference schedules and each league sets its games — with a seven-game season in mind.

The “+1” or the seventh-game would be either a first-round playoff game or a game between two non-playoff teams. Since the Huskies are 0-4 and the Devils 0-2 after a COVID quarantine, the schools have made the educated guess that they will not make the playoffs.

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The two rivals were meant to open the season in Edwards on Oct. 10, but the aforementioned quarantine postponed said contest.

The skinny

Since there is officially a game, it would be prudent to play some catch-up in the rivalry’s favorite pastime — How is the other School Doing?

In the olden days before everyone had a cellphone and the Internet was available everywhere, the first question any Vail Daily reporter covering a local football team would get was, “How did Battle Mountain/Eagle Valley do?” On a night when your team lost, hearing that your rival had also gone down took some of the sting out of defeat. If you won and your rival lost, well, it’s a case of double happiness for you.

So by looking at results of this season — not to mention that Eagle Valley won the game last year, 22-15 — the Devils would be favored.

While both teams are winless, Eagle Valley has been competitive in its two losses — Green Mountain (35-20) and Conifer (28-27). Yes, Battle Mountain has taken it on the chin in an 0-4 start, but its schedule has been ridiculous. The Huskies replaced their originally scheduled game with Eagle Valley with Ralston Valley, ranked No. 8 in Class 5A.

For its nonconference game, CHSAA gave Battle Mountain the Roosevelt Roughridgers, the top-ranked school in 3A. The sound you just heard were Huskies fans muttering, “Thanks a bunch, CHSAA.”

Does Battle Mountain have more of chance to win a football game when it plays Eagle Valley than, say, Roosevelt? Yes. Will that be enough to beat Eagle Valley? As Chris Berman bellows every Sunday, “That’s why they play the games.”

By Week 7, Battle Mountain and Eagle Valley will have two common opponents, Palisade and Green Mountain, allowing fans to play “transitivity,” in assessing their team’s chances.


This game is always well-attended. It will doubtless be less attended than in years previous because of COVID. Odds are good that schools will have a certain number of tickets allotted for players’ family members to attend and that capacity will be limited.

Neither athletic director has announced plans for tickets for this game. The Vail Daily will pass along any additional ticket information as warranted.

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