Battle Mountain runners make their case in Delta |

Battle Mountain runners make their case in Delta

Oh, yeah, they won

The Class 4A Region 1 Cross-Country Meet is on Thursday at the Gypsum Creek Golf Course. The thing is before your run the race, you have to make the regional team and Battle Mountain has a surfeit of capable runners after Friday's Patherfest in Delta.
Chris Dillmann |

Battle Mountain cross-country crushed its regular-season finale on Friday, winning the Delta Pantherfest.

The ladies put up a perfect 15-point performance — you can’t go any lower — while the gents topped everyone with 17 points.

And none of it matters.

The bigger storyline in the last regular-season is always the battle for spots on the regional team. Normally, teams take nine runners to regionals. This year, with COVID-19, it’s only six. What is already a heart-rending decision is even more so this fall.

The regional meet is Thursday at Gypsum Creek Golf Course at 5 p.m.

So who pressed their case well?

For the boys, it was Jorge Sinoloa and Kaden Williams.

Sinoloa won the race, which is nice, but running a time of 16 minutes, 48 seconds as a freshman at Delta is a statement.

For those of you who haven’t played Battle Mountain Cross-Country: The Home Game, Delta’s course used to be the annual site of the league/regional meet, so Battle Mountain has a treasure trove of times for this site.

As a freshman, Jonny Stevens ran a 16:27 in Delta in 2004. Stevens, along with Tony Crisofulli and John O’Neill, went on to anchor consecutive state titles in 2006-07. Now consider that Stevens ran that time three weeks later in the season — everything’s earlier this year with the coronavirus — and with the benefit of tapering workouts that year.

That Sinoloa came within 21 seconds of Steves’ time without those aids hurts the brain in a good way.

Meanwhile, Williams ripped up his altitude personal record into itty-bitty pieces with a 16:52. That’s his best time outside of Nike Cross Regionals in Arizona, where there is much more oxygen.

Numbers crunch

Battle Mountain coach Rob Parish has not announced his regional lineup yet, but we’re thinking that Elliot Pribramsky is good to go, unless she decides to go bicycling and gets in a massive accident or develops an ear infection. (We kid the Harding sisters because we care.)

Along those lines, Milaina Almonte and Lily Whelan look pretty good for the team the way the season has progressed. All of a sudden, one has three of six regional spots filled.

This is where it gets tough. Now you have (in aphabetical order) Addie Beusch, Hayley Brewster, Kate Dekanich, Lindsey Kiehl, Alden Pennington Emma Reeder, Presley Smith and Lindsey Whitton — eight runners for three spots.


We keep on writing this, but the depth in Battle Mountain cross-country is scary good. The Huskies won Friday’s girls’ race with four underclass-people and a senior.

It also makes for a tough call or three. The Lindseys — Kiehl and Whitton — seem to have composed the best closing arguments, going 1-2 on Friday, but Parish makes the final call. Good luck, Coach.

On a lighter note, seniors Zander Miscio and Dekanich and Pennington all had superb performances on Friday. Miscio lettered by busting the time of 18:30. Enjoy that B, Zander.

Delta Pantherfest


  1. Jorge Sinoloa, 16:48

2. Kaden Williams, 16:52

3. Trey Martin, 17:06

5. Oscar Jose, 17:32

6. Bergen Drummet, 17:34

7. Grant Willis, 18:09

10. Zander Miscio, 18:25


  1. Lindsey Kiehl, 19:01

2. Lindsey Whitton, 19:47

3. Presley Smith, 19:48

4. Emma Reeder, 20:41

5. Addie Beusch, 21:01

8. Kate Dekanich, 21:32

9. Alden Pennington, 21:33

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