Battle Mountain Cross-Country speeds to win |

Battle Mountain Cross-Country speeds to win

In a brilliant strategy, Huskies will taper before the season ends

Battle Mountain's Porter Middaugh (765) is making a move up his team's pecking order as the regular season comes to a an early close with regionals approaching.
Rex Keep | Special to the Daily

See, this is why Battle Mountain cross-country’s Rob Parish is such a good coach.

“I think we’ll do our taper, according to when regionals and state are this year,” the Huskies coach said on Saturday. “We’re definitely tapering earlier this year because if we wait until the normal part of the calendar to taper, the kids will be done with cross-country.”

Yes, note to self, don’t taper when the season is over. That, kids, is one of many reasons why Parish has five state titles and a ton of regional crowns. He’s a certifiable genius by remembering to taper before the season ends.

This somehow is a salient point at the end of September because regionals are in 10 days — Oct. 8 at the Gypsum Creek Golf Course — because of a shortened COVID season, as opposed to the normal three weeks.

Saturday’s win at Grand Junction — the latest incarnation of the Warrior Classic; there have been a few already because of the pandemic’s jumbled schedule — for both the Battle Mountain boys and the girls, though at the end of September, is probably the last time they run competitively until regionals in Gypsum.

And if that was a dress rehearsal, the Huskies are looking good. The boys had a tight battle with Conifer and came out on top. Conifer is in the region, so they will meet again. Sullivan Middaugh and Will Bruner are looking like a potent 1-2.

It’s worth noting that Porter Middaugh clipped teammate Ari Dennis on Saturday. Competition is always encouraged, so this is a nice development. Also check out freshman Jorge Sinoloa, who finished sixth for the Huskies in their pecking order.

Meanwhile, youth continues to rule the day for the girls. While seniors Elliot Pribramsky and Hayley Brewster may be collecting social security, they’re leading two sophomores and three freshmen on the varsity seven.

“And our eighth and ninth runners were also freshmen,” Parish said of the youth movement.

Yep, that’s Quincy Pribramsky and Hudson Turner. Is Parish running a cross-country team or a daycare center? (We kid because we care.)

Battle Mountain is at Delta next weekend, but with that meet so close to regionals, it’s doubtful one will see a regular lineup. Parish hinted that he might use the meet to settle intra-team battles lower in the lineup.

And while we gave the coach some lip about his newly-timed tapering strategy, it’s worth noting that he didn’t specify when his taper is coming — at regionals or at state. Judging Parish’s past handling of teams, sometimes he saves the taper for state, whereas a lot of teams start toning down workouts with regionals in sight.

Stay tuned, sports fans.

Warrior Invitational

Note: The results available at press time were still getting sorted. As such, there were not complete times for Battle Mountain’s girls.


3. Sullivan Middaugh, 16:27

5. Will Bruner, 17:16

6. Porter Middaugh, 17:18

7. Ari Dennis, 17:18

9. Trey Martin 17:28

10. Jorge Sinoloa, 17:32

11. Kaden Williams, 17:35


3. Elliot Pribramsky, 19:07

4. Milaina Almonte

5. Lilly Whelan

6. Lindsey Kiehl

7. Hayley Brewster

8. Lindsey Whitton

9. Presley Smith

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