Battle Mountain High School Huskies’ Sforzo headlines lacrosse awards |

Battle Mountain High School Huskies’ Sforzo headlines lacrosse awards

Battle Mountain lacrosse's Jeremy Sforzo terrorizes Windsor earlier this month. Sforzo did a lot of terrorizing throughout the year and is the Western Conference Player of the Year.
Chris Dillmann | Daily file photo

Lacrosse awards

4A Boys lacrosse

First team all-state

Charlie Morrow, Battle Mountain

Connor Underwood, Battle Mountain

Second team all-state

Jeremy Sforzo, Battle Mountain

Honorable mention all-state

Jake Bukovich, Battle Mountain

Bryce Runckel, Battle Mountain

Western Conference Player of the Year

Jeremy Sforzo, Battle Mountain

Western Conference Coach of the Year

Jerry Nichols, Battle Mountain

Western Conference first team

Jake Bukovich, Battle Mountain

Henry Hancock, Vail Mountain

Charlie Morrow, Battle Mountain

Tucker Morrow, Battle Mountain

Phillip Petersen, Eagle Valley

Bryce Runckel, Battle Mountain

Jeremy Sforzo, Battle Mountain

Connor Underwood, Battle Mountain

Western Conference second team

Chris Chappel, Battle Mountain

Becker Dienst, Vail Mountain

Matthew Gay, Vail Mountain

Mason Holden, Eagle Valley

Theo McCarroll, Eagle Valley

John Verratti, Vail Mountain

Western Conference honorable mention

Cameron Bill, Vail Mountain

Bergen Blomquist, Eagle Valley

Tom Boyne, Battle Mountain

Shane Cole, Vail Mountain

Brian Cole, Vail Mountain

Rock Cuny, Battle Mountain

Alex Fritzler, Eagle Valley

George Savin, Vail Mountain

Max Timm, Vail Mountain

Corbin Wilson, Eagle Valley

Girls lacrosse

Mountain Conference first team

Maggie Berger, Battle Mountain

Erin Keeney, Eagle Valley

Mart Schmidt, Battle Mountain

Eleanor Sheehan, Battle Mountain

Mountain Conference second team

Natalie Berger, Battle Mountain

Haley Carpenter, Eagle Valley

Berit Kirchner, Battle Mountain

Mountain Conference honorable mention

Carley Beckum, Eagle Valley

Jillian Byron, Eagle Valley

Janeth Chavez, Eagle Valley

Just file this under the category of, “No, kidding, Sherlock.”

Battle Mountain’s Jeremy Sforzo is really good at lacrosse. The Huskies’ senior brought home Western Conference Player of the Year honors among the multitude of his postseason awards, including all-conference and second-team all-state.

No. 22 had 23 goals and 33 assists this season and he missed a few games because of a concussion in March.

In a year when the Huskies ran the table in league play for the first time in the program’s history, pretty much everything went through Sforzo, so player of the year really wasn’t a big leap.

Team Effort

The Huskies are amply represented all-conference rolls. Particularly gratifying is the defense, the bedrock of the squad. Goalie Connor Underwood is all-state and all conference. Jake Bukovich and Bryce Runckel both got state recognition and all-conference honors.

The Morrow boys are also prominently featured, Charlie is both all-state and all-conference, while Tucker got the latter.

Overseeing the award parade is coach Jerry Nichols, who is the conference’s Coach of the Year. He expects genuflection from now on. In all seriousness, he shares this with Pat Doherty, his partner in crime and coaching.

Looking east, Vail Mountain School has eight players in with some form on conference honor. None of them graduates. Bright days seem ahead for VMS, which has a serious case of sibling power as well.

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