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Beat your opponents to the net

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Doubles play obviously requires teamwork, but one of the misconceptions of tandem tennis is that one player should be up front near the net while the other guards the back-court area. This is not so. In doubles a major objective should always be: Beat your opponents to the net.

That means both players should try to work their way to the net. Play starts, of course, with one player up close and the other in the back court to serve or return serve.The logic from taking the net away from the other team is simple: With two players stationed between the net and the service line it is more difficult for the rival team to get the ball past the close-up players. In fact, in most cases, it takes an excellent sideline passing shot to score a winner. On the other hand, two players at the net double the chances of putting away a volley to score a point.

One more point to remember. If the other team lobs the ball, both players should return to the back court for the return and once the return is made, both should try to get back to the net position quickly.Beating your opponents to the net or taking the net away from them is one of the surest ways to score points in doubles.

For more information, contact Vail Racquet Club pro Ed Jacques at 476-4840 for doubles lesson programs.Vail, Colorado

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