Beaver Creek starts a shorter ride home |

Beaver Creek starts a shorter ride home

With another Race Across America four-man win secured, Beaver Creek – Team Catlin started the shorter journey home Tuesday.

Beaver Creek – Team Catlin ” comprised of four-time winner Jimi Mortensen, three-time winners Mike Janelle and Nat Ross, along with two-time winner Zach Bingham Race ” got some good rest Monday night after finishing the coat-to-coast race in 5 days, 18 hours and 22 minutes. The much-deserved tour de recovery continued on the ride home Tuesday when the team started out in an RV back to Colorado.

Vail’s Kerry White, despite missing the time cutoff at the 38th station, isn’t stopping. White, who had only two hours of sleep Monday night, had some trouble getting started Tuesday morning, but received some good new from event organizers.

“They love her so much and are getting so much attention that they are going to give her a new category, and she’ll continue to ride all the way to Altantic City,” said White’s husband Stephen. “We’re very excited that she’s continuing to race.

“Her attitude all along has been, Plan A, staying the race; Plan B, ride across the country as fast as you can.”

White, a type I diabetic, still had an average speed of more than 10 mph mid Tuesday, which is faster than in earlier stages of the race. White was the final woman in the solo division.

To get an in-depth look at how Beaver Creek – Team Catlin won yet another race, and for some race pictures, check out Thursday’s edition of the Vail Daily.

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