Beaver Creek/Vail 2013 looks for votes |

Beaver Creek/Vail 2013 looks for votes

Ian Cropp
Vail, CO Colorado
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BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” If only American politics were as easy to follow as the FIS World Alpine Ski Championships voting.

Thursday’s vote for the International Ski Federation’s 2013 World Championships at the 2008 FIS Congress should be quick and simple. In the matter of an hour or two, the FIS Council members will award one of four sites ” Beaver Creek/Vail; Schladming, Austria; Cortina, Italy or St. Moritz, Switzerland ” a series of races with as much importance as the Olympics.

OK, so the process may not be as quick and simple for members of those four sites waiting outside the closed-door vote, but compared to the primary vote for Presidential nominees, the awarding of the World Championships is so easy, a caveman could understand it.

Here are the basic rules:

-All 17 members of the FIS Council have one vote. In order to vote, members must be present at the meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.

-The candidate that earns an absolute majority of votes (half of the total votes, plus one) will be awarded the 2013 World Championships.

-If a candidate does not earn an absolute majority on the first ballot, which is often the case, the candidate with the fewest number of votes will be dropped, and there will be another round (or two) until one candidate reaches an absolute majority. If there is a tie between the lowest vote-getters, a second ballot will be taken between those two candidates.

Got that part? Here’s where it gets a bit tricky:

-One of the Council members, France’s Michel Vion, will not be present at the vote, so now there are 16 voting members. In the event of a tie, the FIS President (Gian-Franco Kasper, from Switzerland) votes.

For those of you rooting for the home team “Beaver Creek/Vail ” how does all this play out?

Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

While each Council member has a vote, how those members vote is secret. All four candidates have been working to secure votes ” pledged delegates, if you will ” but in the end, anyone can vote for any number of reasons.

“Some ski federations may look at it like, ‘We are only a $200,000 trip from Schladming,'” said Ceil Folz, president of the Vail Valley Foundation, which along with the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Association put up the Beaver Creek/Vail bid. “There are a 1,000 different reasons to vote.”

Still, Folz, along with USSA CEO Bill Marolt, have spent considerable hours talking with FIS Council members about the Beaver Creek/Vail candidacy.

“We’re optimistic about where we are,” said Marolt, who is on the FIS Council, and will almost assuredly be voting for the home team. “We’ve identified those we believe will support us and those who will vote for others, and there’s a group in there, like the super delegates, where we are thinking, ‘Where will they go?'”

The winning candidate will be announced sometime after 10:45 a.m. by Casper, and can be seen on a live Webcast hosted on the Vail Valley Foundation’s Web site, Coverage beings at 10:30 a.m.

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