Bikers have a Bash at Berry Creek |

Bikers have a Bash at Berry Creek

VRD Berry Creek Bash PU 6-13-07

EDWARDS ” The stories made the rounds very quickly at E-Town Wednesday in Edwards after the Berry Creek Bash, the second installment of this summer’s Vail-Beaver Creek Mountain Bike Series.

“You hear about the guy who arrived late and still finished eighth in his division?”

It was an even better tale because it was true.

“I knew the race started between 6:15 and 6:30, but I was in a meeting and the meeting lasted until five or 10 after six,” said Bart Sigler, who did indeed finish eighth in the men’s vet sport. “I went to the race, changed, got on my bike, rode up the hill. Everybody said, ‘You’ve already started,’ and I just kept going.”

That was just one of the snapshots told over some suds after the Berry Creek Bash made its debut, replacing the Eagle Classic, as a part of the county’s bimonthly Wednesday night traditional riding schedule.


Paisley Frischolz of Eagle-Vail is likely going to be hearing it for a while from her friends. She finished second in women’s sport, but was announced at the award ceremony as Priscilla.

Her friends immediately started serenading her with her new appellation.

“It’s just always great,” Priscilla, er, Paisley said. “It’s great to come out on a Wednesday night and have my kids here and my family and my friends.”

She, as well as several other riders, gave the thumbs up to the new course.

“I loved it,” Frischolz said. “This race was great. They did a lot of work on the course from what I heard earlier in the day. I thought it was in great shape.”

‘I might retire on top’

Scott Turnipseed of Eagle been a regular for a bunch of years on Wednesday nights, but the Berry Creek Bash was his first win in the men’s vet sport category.

“Where I made my time up was after Endo Alley,” he said. “I carried momentum into the little climb after the singletrack. I passed the two guys there. I’m 47. I’ve been racing for 15 years, and it’s the first time I’ve ever won.”

“At least six beers, I’d have to say,” Turnipseed said of the postrace celebration.

While the Tour de France may be in the offing for Turnipseed, he’ll probably continue with the local summer racing scene.

“I might retire on top,” he joked.

Not beginner’s luck

Edwards’ Kim Lake has mountain-biking experience, but until two weeks ago, she had never competed in a formal race.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” she said. “I didn’t know if it would be super-competitive. It’s fun.”

The newcomer is doing just fine, thank you. After winning the Hammer in the Hay women’s beginner division two weeks ago at 4 Eagle Ranch, she won again Wednesday.

“I don’t know what are the rules, but I think I moving up a division,” Lake said.

Next stop ” women’s sport.

Quick warm-up

With a late start, Sigler did not ease into his race.

“I usually ride to the race or warm-up for at least half-an-hour,” he said. “I rode for about five minutes to the start.”

The Vail-Beaver Creek Mountain Bike Series continues June 27 with the Davos Dash. The kids start at 5 p.m., followed by the adults at 5:45.

“Whatever time they say, I’ll be there,” Sigler said.

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Berry Creek Bash winners

Men’s pro: Jay Henry 56:45

Women’s pro: Gretchen Reeves 1:12.30

Men’s expert: Josh Nota 1:02.04

Women’s expert: Katie Brazelton 1:21.58

Men’s vet expert: Mark Thompson 1:05.52

Men’s singlespeeed: Tim Faia 1:05.38

Women’s vet: Robin Ritsch 57:19

Men’s masters: Dawes Wilson 1:10.19

Men’s vet sport: Scott Turnipseed 50:58

Men’s sport: Ben Lohre 34:33

Women’s sport: Jen Campbell 41:52

Men’s beginner: Billy Poole 24:16

Women’s beginner: Kim Lake 24:37

Junior: Christian Kloser 27:27

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