Birds Of Prey: Austrians take top three spots |

Birds Of Prey: Austrians take top three spots

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

RED TAIL CAMP, Beaver Creek, Colorado ” Austrians Hannes Reichelt, Mario Scheiber and Christoph Gruber took the top three spots in today’s Super G race at the Birds of Prey.

With a time of 1:19.87, Reichelt was both the first and the fastest down the racecourse.

Course conditions didn’t seem to improve throughout the race, as several of the racers lost an edge and couldn’t stay on the piste.

Crowds at today’s race were good, but not quite up to those for Friday’s Downhill race.

Blue skies made for a nice day and only a few gusts of wind to cool competitors and fans alike.

The final racer of the day, Kurt Sulzenbacher of Italy was nearly tackled before his race, a gust of wind causing a minor course delay on the final run. Teammates held him just as he was beginning his push from the gate.

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