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Birds of Prey schedule changes due to snowfall

The Birds of Prey training race was cancelled this morning.
Photo by Dominique Taylor

UPDATE (10:38 a.m.): The race schedule for Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS World Cup has been changed due to snowfall. The downhill event, originally scheduled for Saturday, has been moved to Friday at 10:45 a.m., and the super G, originally scheduled for Friday, has been moved to Saturday at 11:00 a.m.

The Vail Daily will continue to update this article with information regarding the race schedule.

This update has been edited to include the original scheduled times. 


The Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS World Cup races are experiencing some early difficulties, as Thursday’s training run was cancelled due to snowfall.

“Due to last night’s snowfall and today’s unstable weather conditions, today’s training is cancelled,” Media Cheif Tom Boyd wrote in an announcement shortly before 8 a.m.

While snow was expected to fall throughout the week, there is only so much event management can plan for. Three inches of accumulation overnight is not likely to be the sole factor causing the holdup; strong winds, low visibility and complications on the race course all played into the decision to cancel.

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