Blockstock wins Vail Ski School Groundhog Day Slalom |

Blockstock wins Vail Ski School Groundhog Day Slalom

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Vail, CO Colorado

VaAIL, Colorado ” Not sure what the marmots ” our groundhog equivalent ” saw Monday, but Vail Ski Schools racers actually did get to see their shadows, a first for the season, heralding the end of twilight racing, clear goggles, unseen cross ruts and a visible light beam at the finish.

With two combined runs on a full-length slalom organizers expected a few DNFs, but almost all present blended their movement pools well, finishing stylishly if not as fast as desired.

The day belonged to the school’s director of training, Brian Blackstock who walked the walk and dethroned the Kaiser (Franz Fuchsberger) for the first time in living memory or at least awhile. So far, the heralded “South American Skiing Power” team has turned out in force for every event, and despite threatening, has yet to take one home for southern continent pride.

On the women’s side, Carri Trainior turned a few heads by winning both runs and Anne Dowd continued her dominance of the women’s snowboard division.

The overall competition between pods and individuals is heating up, so expect some very expensive fluorinated powders to be present for the Feast of Saint Maron Giant Slalom next week.

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While our women’s trainers are well represented with Carol Levine, Cait Boyd and Valerie Muspratt, on the men’s side, the director of training stands with only Vail Village’s training manager (Rich Rauch) for company.

Despite the paucity in numbers, their results are putting the sword to the lie that PSIA is just about making pretty turns. With the sunnier evenings it’d be cool to see more of the training department come out to strut their mechanics by laying down a few turns ” pretty or not. These could then be discussed at length later if needed.

Chances for this start today at 4 p.m. with the Log Chute Bump-Off This requires no special skis, equipment or knock-down fights with a slalom pole, so excuses are limited. A feel for the fall line, a need for speed and a hankering for air as a jump is involved. We’ll see you in good stead on Log Chute.

Groundhog Day results

Brian Blackstock 1:30.67

Andrew Jacob 1:31.19

Franz Fuxberger 1:32.28

Juan Santa Maria 1:32.92

Chris Caruso 1:33.83

Alan Braunholtz 1:35.20

Rick Rausch 1:39.31

James Mitchell 1:41.16

Carri Tranior 1:42.90

Carol Levine 1:44.35

Cait Boyd 1:46.66

Peter Sherowski 1:57.18

Randy Gray 1:57.35

Erik Hartman 1:57.82

Charlie Stumm 1:58.32

Madeline Slavin 2:12.60

Anne Dowd 3:00.36

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