blog: Red Tail Camp; Confessions of a Novice |

blog: Red Tail Camp; Confessions of a Novice

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

RED TAIL CAMP, Beaver Creek, Colorado ” The long walk up the hill is getting easier. Being somewhat of a novice in the the realm of ski racing, having only covered X-Games and a handful of World Cup events, the novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet.

On the long walk up to the races, there are several vendor tents nestled behind the stands. Hawkers talk to the winded fans on their way up the snowpacked walk. Their wares either keep skiers upright or allow them to get warm after they fall.

Austrians are carrying up their mulled wine for the stands. The sun is shining and blue skies are the order of the day.

A “sloppy” race course is making the times fairly slow. Several of the first ten racers crashed/bobbled, including American racer Bode Miller. The first run was tough, but the racers seem to have made adjustments.

After having the Super G canceled on Saturday, look for more and longer gates on Monday’s races.

A lunch break kept the racers off course while the sun melted the snow.

Signs of fatigue are beginning to show on the press corps. Painfully deliberate steps are being taken to ward off the manifestations of this malaise.

More from Red Tail Camp tomorrow when the rescheduled Super G kicks off at 10 a.m.

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