blog: Red Tail Camp; snowbound |

blog: Red Tail Camp; snowbound

Austin Richardson
Vail CO, Colorado

RED TAIL CAMP, Beaver Creek, Colorado ” Huge snowflakes are falling as the competitors of the Downhill competition race down the Birds of Prey racecourse.

Light blue spraypaint guides competitors down the slopes, being steadily covered by white gold. The markings on the slopes keep everyone on-line when the going gets fast.

The European media is traditionally huddled around the “dirty feeds” on the televisions at Red Tail Camp. It seems normal to them, just another World Cup race. A Frenchman behind me is speaking to his laptop, he’s obviously giving up-to-the-minute updates to someone through the ether, in Europe.

The snow has somewhat subsided, but the television cameras have caught just enough snow to increase bookings this season. No matter when the race airs, it’s absolutely the finest marketing tool for a ski resort in the history of advertising. Snowing giant flakes during a World Cup event. Can’t beat that.

A few rays of sunshine here and there don’t hurt the cause at all.

The crowd is acting crazy. They must be hungry. It’s the biggest turnout for a World

Cup race since the ’99s.

Fog causes a slight delay on the course, allowing for a break in the action as racers continue.

A big snowstorm is forecasted for tonight, perhaps making the Super G impossible to run.

Nobody wants that, especially in the media crowd.

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Web editor Austin Richardson will be blogging from Red Tail Camp at the Birds of Prey racecourse throughout the weekend. Got an idea? E-mail it to him at

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